Sean believes that a woman’s reproductive healthcare decisions should be between her, her doctor, and no one else. He believes Texas’s new laws are an abomination and that they will make us less safe – not more- driving healthcare decisions into the shadows. As District Attorney, Sean will:

  • Lobby hard against Republican laws that criminalize abortion and the reproductive health care decisions made by women. 
  • Dramatically expand the support for victims who are pregnant, especially those who are victims of rape and sexual assault. He will provide trauma-informed counselors who can help victims understand their rights and access the resources they need.
  • Work with Harris County Commissioners Court to find ways to expand access to abortion wherever it is legally available.



Gun violence is a public safety and public health crisis in Harris County. It drives crime and steals innocent lives every day. Sean believes that we are not powerless when it comes to fighting a gun culture that puts ideology over the value of human life.

As District Attorney, Sean will: 

  • Prioritize and aggressively prosecute cases where guns are responsible for wreaking havoc on our neighborhoods and communities. 
  • Work closely with law enforcement agencies, including the Harris County Sheriff’s office to support the seizure of illegal guns from offenders prohibited from having them and protect survivors of domestic violence who are in danger.
  • Support increased funding for Harris County’s innovative Community Violence Interruption Program, which works to break the cycle of gun violence and crime by enabling public health resources. 
  • Partner closely with community groups like Moms Demand Action to lobby for common sense gun safety laws that make our communities and families safer and educate our community about steps they can take to save lives. 
  • Contribute to Harris County Commissioners Court efforts to collect data on the frequency, location, and causes of gun violence.



Sean understands that addiction is a disease that can be prevented, treated, and recovered from. Sean knows the terrible personal cost of addiction all too well. He spent his teenage years and early twenties watching his own mother struggle with an opioid use disorder that eventually took her life. Unlike Kim Ogg, who has broken her campaign promises to decriminalize low-level drug possession, Sean strongly believes that we cannot simply arrest or prosecute our way out of the drug problem. 

As District Attorney, Sean will:

  • Work collaboratively with Harris County Commissioners Court to increase funding for and expand the use of “Second Chance” programs like drug courts that divert non-violent drug offenders into treatment instead of jail or forced plea deals. 
  • Enhance fairness in the system by supporting Harris County’s “Managed Assigned Counsel” program, which provides indigent defendants with quality defense counsel. 
  • Work with the Harris County Sheriff’s office to improve the County’s “Cite and Release” initiative – a program that gives offenders tickets instead of arrest and jail time for certain nonviolent misdemeanor offenses. 
  • Support the purchase and distribution of the opioid-reversal drug naloxone, particularly among Harris County law enforcement personnel and first responders. 
  • Work with City and County officials to expand the use of reentry programs that guide formerly incarcerated people successfully back into our communities, making sure they have access to recovery, employment services, and substance use and mental health treatment services.



Sean believes that decisions about pretrial release or detention should be based on risk, not on the amount of wealth a defendant has. Already, misdemeanor bail reform has saved Harris County taxpayers millions of dollars and protected the constitutional rights of thousands of persons arrested for misdemeanors, all while producing no increase in new offenses by persons arrested. In contrast, Kim Ogg has pushed prosecutors to request high bond amounts, including for minor crimes, and opposed successful bail reforms in Harris County.

As District Attorney, Sean will: 

  • Reverse the District Attorney’s policy of opposing bail reform by supporting the O’Donnell consent decree and working with prosecutors, elected officials, community groups, and researchers to determine how successful reform outcomes can be expanded.
  • Refuse all campaign contributions from the bail bond industry, a powerful and predatory industry that puts profit over public safety by releasing dangerous offenders into our community for pennies on the dollar.. 
  • Work with Harris County’s Bail Bond Board to increase regulation, accountability, and oversight of the bail bond industry in Harris County.



Justice delayed is justice denied.  Denied for victims of crime who are owed justice and denied for the accused who deserve their day in court. While Hurricane Harvey and the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated a years-long backlog in court cases, mismanagement of the District Attorney’s office has only made this crisis worse, leading to a system that has ground to a halt while causing massive and deadly overcrowding in our jail. 

As District Attorney, Sean will: 

  • Stop the District Attorney’s office’s policy of scapegoating elected judges, Harris County Commissioners Court, and others and work to solve challenges across the system collaboratively instead.
  • Reform the District Attorney’s intake process to ensure a more thorough review of cases entering the system to make sure that limited prosecutorial resources are directed at prosecuting the most serious cases instead of low-level, non-violent offenses that are paralyzing our system. 
  • Overhaul the District Attorney’s “Triage” unit to prevent unnecessary cases from entering and clogging our criminal justice system in the first place by directing prosecutors to consider alternatives, including diversion programs or dismissals in cases where there is no threat to public safety.