Elected Officials

Lina Hidalgo

Harris County Judge

“Sean Teare has the judgment and moral fortitude to carry out the vital duties of the prosecutor of the third largest county in the nation. I couldn’t be more thrilled to endorse him. Voters in Harris County have rejected good ol’ boy politics, but Kim Ogg stands in the way of that change. She has failed the community in her job as a prosecutor, instead using her office to carry out political vendettas. The people of Harris County deserve better and they deserve a leader like Sean.”

Sylvester Turner

Former Mayor of Houston

“We need change in the District Attorney’s Office, and we need it now.  Kim Ogg’s politicization of crime and the DA’s office means that the business of achieving fair justice isn’t getting done.Crime victims and black and brown communities deserve fresh leadership who will refocus the power of that office to make sure our neighborhoods are safer and we rebuild trust with communities that have been decimated by the draconian criminal justice policies of the past. Sean Teare is the man for the job – he has the experience, empathy, and vision required to make Harris County a better place for all of us to live.”

Rodney Ellis

County Commissioner, Harris County Precinct One

“Sean Teare has demonstrated a commitment to fairness, justice, and a collaborative approach to solving the issues we face.”

Gene Wu

State Representative District 137

“I am proud to endorse Sean Teare for Harris County District Attorney. We don’t need four more years of tired political games and kowtowing to the insane Republican leaders of this state. I have seen first hand how poor leadership and a hyper-political work environment drove away the best and brightest from the prosecutor’s office. Our current DA has, unfortunately, acted no differently. The people of Harris County are in desperate need of a DA whose only focus is seeing that justice is done, and I know Sean is the right person for that job.”

Carroll Robinson

Former Houston City Council Member and Current President of the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats

“Justice is built on fairness and impartiality and that is what Harris County needs in our District Attorney. That is why I am supporting Sean for DA.”

John Rosenthal

State Representative District 135

Chris Hollins

Houston City Controller

Tiffany D. Thomas

Houston City Councilmember for District F